The 12 Magical Nights

Starts in December

The 12 Magical Nights originated thousands of years ago with the Celtic and Germanic tribes of Europe. The tribes lived closely connected to nature.

These early Europeans followed both the lunar and the solar calendar. The lunar year has 12 full moons within 354 days but the solar calendar follows 365 days which left a difference of 12 days each year. 


This created an “additional” time in the year which today is still considered to be the “time between years” or “the time within time”. These 12 magical days is a time that has been believed as being transparent to other levels of reality.

In Germany the name of this period is “Rauhnächte”. It translates to “rough nights” (rauhe Nächte) due to the cold, dark wintertime, The meaning can also stem from the word “saging” (räuchern), which was practiced to ward away evil spirits and keep any demons outside of their homes.

To these ancient tribes the end of the year was magical. Marked by transformation, of death and re-birth. Everything that happened in the past year is to be released to create space for the new.


In some areas of Europe the 12 Magical Nights are still celebrated with their own ancient traditions and festivities. 


In those ancient times nights were counted instead of days.

That's why the word "night" is used by those who celebrate this period of time. For many, 12 Magical Nights start with the night of Dec 24 to 25 until the night of Jan 4 to 5. 


With an increasing consciousness and openness more attention is being given to the subtle energies and feeling the magic of this time again. They are ready for a conscious spiritual journey to use it for inner clearing and to set the direction for the New Year.


How does it work?

The purpose of our program The 12 Magical Nights is to create your year ahead by setting conscious intentions.

Each subsequent night of the Magical Nights represents the order of the next 12 months in the upcoming year. The more focus, consciousness and energy you put into the practice the more you will receive results throughout the year.


Using the energy of the 12 magical nights you will bring your inner divine feminine into harmony.  

Combined with a conscious immersion in this magical time of the year you’ll open to new ways of stepping into your power to co-create the New Year of 2022. 


In the journey through The 12 Magical Nights, you will be focusing each day on the aspects and attributes of a different female Archetype.  

The term Archetype means "original pattern, model, or type".  Archetypes have their own set of values, meaning and personality traits that hold a gift and lesson for you. 

Each one of the 12 Archetypes is carefully chosen to reach your goals with the help of their qualities. You will have the chance to engage and connect to them. You’ll uncover the ones that resonate and drive you, while others will reveal your hidden talents and gifts. 

Gently and lovingly, you’ll discover what’s already in you and what’s waiting to be awakened and magnified.

What do you need to do?

  • Make time to dedicate and focus. Allow yourself some me-time. This is a journey to engage in self-discovery, appreciation and respect for yourself.

  • Your commitment to this practice will build an in-depth relationship with yourself and give clarity about your true potential.



  • You will be provided with a Journal which contains self-reflecting questions, suggestions, exercises, rituals or meditations to connect you with the Archetype of the day and to feel your very own feminine being and wisdom. 

This is an investment in yourself.

What you put in is going to reflect the upcoming year 2022. 

How can the 12 Magical Nights benefit you?

If you really want to make positive changes in 2022, this ancient, yet new practice of the 12 Magical Nights is a powerful way for transformation:

  • Boost your feminine powers and magnify the outcome of 2022

  • Feel empowered by tapping into your full potential

  • Reveal more beneficial aspects of yourself that have been dormant 

  • Feel encouraged and good about yourself

  • Build trust and confidence 

  • Gain clarity by working with the 12 Archetypes 

  • Bask in the magic of the "time between years"

  • Be loving and nurturing to your souls' yearning

  • As a result of engaging in this practice, you will use your newfound qualities, gifts, and talents to reach your desired goals.

Who are we?


Terri Iacobelli is a holistic healer/teacher and founder of

Anita Justus is an EFT Coach, HeartMath and Life Coach. She is from Germany and introduced Terri to this European tradition called “Rauhnächte” in Germany.


We both found this tradition to be fascinating and experienced it to be valuable, powerful and transformative. This is why we put our heads together to create and share a practical and magical approach that is fun, unique, and productive.

The program of the 12 Magical Nights starts on Dec 24 and ends on Jan 5.

The core of this program is an exclusive downloadable Journal in PDF-Format that focuses each day on a different female Archetype.

It guides you day by day through the energetic time of the 12 Magical Nights and sets you up for an empowered start of the New Year.

You'll receive with this Journal

  • information about each of the 12 female Archetype

  • suggestions for specific activities, rituals and/or meditations to help you tune in to the parts of you that resonate with the Archetype of the day

  • self-reflecting questions to discover what archetypal aspects are waiting to be discovered and awakened in you

Each day you'll get the individual pages for the next day.
It'll start on Dec 23 with the pages for Dec 24.

The pages can be printed out or filled in on the computer.

With Zoom-Meetings and/or FB-Videos we'll guide you and help you stay in the energy of the 12 Magical Nights.

Within a private Facebook Group, you can interact and share your individual experiences with this Journey through the 12 Magical Nights.

How is the program designed?

Take the opportunity to create a new experience for yourself for the New Year 2022.

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