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Angelic Guidance & Healing

Connect to the angelic power of healing through a variety of modalities. Angelolistics offers an assortment of readings, meditations, therapies and classes to guide you to healing. 

Healing Sound Therapy
Bring harmony into every cell of your being through sound therapy. Give yourself the gift of deep relaxation, stress relief, rejuvenation, clarity, vitality and wholeness. The resonance of the sound will assist in releasing blockages and create balance and flow. 
Free Sound Bowl Meditation by Terri
"Terri will change your life. Her holistic healing therapy made me experience life in a way I never knew how!"                                                              -L.L.

"Terri is a great healer and teacher of Angels and aromatherapy; she explains with an easy to understand method... Her gift for making you feel comfortable and at ease with her meditation, the sounds from her crystal bowls transport you to a place of peace and tranquility. Her passion makes you feel alive and revived.                                     -J.F.

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