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Akashic Records Practitioner 

Training Certification Course

 Level 1



Learn how to use Your Akashic Records to Gain Clarity, Purpose & Take Control of Your Life 

The Akashic Records are records of all knowledge, including all human experience held in the Universe. The Akashic Records are metaphorically described as a library and are also likened to a universal computer or the "Mind of God".

The Akashic Records embodies the vibrational records and information of your soul's journey. Everything that has happened, is happening and can happen in the future is recorded in your Akashic Records.

  • Learn what the Akashic Records are and how accessing the records can make shifts in  your life

  • Gain understanding of what your records are 

  • Focus on your personal goals or healing  and learn to manifest what you want 

  • Discover your past, present and potential future and learn how to use that knowledge to  attune to the energy of  your soul through using  sacred prayer and  meditation

  • Developing the ability to explore these ancient  records buried within your subconscious is one of the most freeing, healing, and  spiritual experiences one can have

  • All that is required is deep relaxation, a vigilant focus, an open mind, trusting heart, and the willingness to explore the unknown

  • You will explore additional areas of your Akashic Record to gain greater wisdom of your soul’s purpose.  

  • Delve deeper and practice doing your readings to understand  ancient wisdom, your past lives, and any karmic relationships that affect you in the present.

  • The more you  explore, the easier it will be to see your life as a whole and how the choices you make affect it.

  • You will examine your ancestral lineage and learn why you chose the family you were born into.

  • Discover hidden talents you may have and how to tap into your creative energy 

  • Learn to move outside of time and space to clear stuck energy

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